The dictionary describes ‘burnished’ as ‘’to shine or polish’’. In the world of gold leaf lettering, the term burnished is used to describe a letter that’s all shiny gold (mirror finish). This application gives the dazzling effect of movement on the window as objects (people or vehicles) pass by.In the right location, the sky can also be seen in the letters.  Adversely, however, if the area is dark, (or obstructed) the lettering can also lose legibility and visibility (like wearing dark clothing in front of a mirror; the mirror gets dark).  Where appropriate, burnished gold leaf has no equal. However, there are many situations,where unadorned, burnished gold leaf is not visible from all angles and all types of lighting.This can be remedied mostly with the addition of a dark colored outline and or shadow added to the artwork (lettering).  A brilliant way to enhance and increase the visibility of gold lettering iswith the additional of what is known in the trade as a ‘matte’ effect,generally in the center of the letters.